Welcome to the City of Hartford

The City of Hartford is a central Iowa town located just a few miles Southeast of the Des Moines Metropolitan area. It has all the advantages of the bigger city with the benefits of a small community and relaxed surroundings. Hartford prides itself on being a community where every one is considered a neighbor and that people are it's most valued asset.

News & Upcoming Events



City Hall will be closed Monday, June 24 through Friday, June 28. City Hall will re-open Monday, July 1st.

If you need immediate assistance, please email a council member at council@hartfordia.com. Public Works can be reached at publicworks@hartfordia.com.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Travis Goldsberry, City Clerk

receives Grant from Warren County Philanthropic Partnership
Partnership in amount of $4,762.25 for Holiday Decorations
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October 9, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in City Hall


“Hartford Hometown Pride”
Community Meeting/Oct 9, 2018
7:00 P.M. – City Hall, 150 W. Elm St.
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1st Place - Adam Zimmerman - 620 N. Vine Street
2nd Place - Martin Ray - 560 W. Elm Street
3rd Place - Michael Shetterly - 135 N. Vine Street


Mayor/James Buzzard: 2-year term
Council/Amanda Peterson: 4-year term
Council/Dana Smith: 4-year term


Special Thanks to the
from Hartford Betterment Committee for grant funding to refurbish (paint) the park gazebo.
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Thank you to the
from the City of Hartford and Hartford Betterment Committee for grant funding of playground equipment (Merry Go Round & Whirly Twirly) in City Park
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“FIREWORKS” Ordinance No. 109
Consumer fireworks use allowed 7-03 & 7-04-17 Only
Hours of Use – 6:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.
Discharge on Person’s Real Property Only     
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Contact ASPEN WASTE at 974-1400 prior to collection day for program details and cost; must be prepaid

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Hazardous Wastes/Junk; Unused Vehicles If you have hazardous wastes you need to dispose of information is available for pickup at city hall, by contacting Metro Waste Authority at 515 244-0021 or visit www.WhereItShouldGo.com

If you have a vehicle to donate (running or not) please call 1 888 344-HOPE (4673)“Teen Challenge” accepts cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s, boats, campers, RV’s, tractors and more. Donations are tax-deductible and all proceeds benefit the “Teen Challenge”program in central Iowa. Their staff will arrange to pick up your vehicle (whether you’re home or not) and will handle all paperwork. Call 1 888 344-HOPE (4673) to start process!!


Planning & Zoning Commission Vacancies
The City of Hartford is looking for citizen volunteers who are qualified by knowledge or experience to act in manners pertaining to development of a city plan. The Mayor, subject to approval of the Council appoints members. Term of office shall be five (5) years. For additional information regarding specific duties of the commission please contact City Hall at 515 989-0267.
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All new construction, remodels, additions, enlargements, repair, moving, removal, conversion, demolition and alterations require a building permit as well as decks, signs and sheds. A trade permit is required for all plumbing, electrical and mechanical work. For questions about permits, please contact“Safe Building and Compliance” at 515 333-4161 or email office@safebuildingiowa.org. Tax abatement is available for improvements totaling 10% of your assessed property valuation and 15% for commercial properties.

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Note - All completed forms must be returned to City Hall for processing.


Effective November 1 the City of Hartford Snow Ordinance is in Effect. No parking is allowed on streets with snow and/or ice  accumulations of 1” or more for 48 Hours after event ends or or has been removed from the streets. Dumping of snow in a street or alley is prohibited. We ask for your cooperation to allow city staff to efficiently remove the snow and ice. Parking fines and towing of vehicles may be applicable.


Receptacle for cans/bottles is located in alley adjacent to park shelter house Redemption proceeds will be used for community improvement projects


Special thanks to the Hartford Betterment Committee for their financial contribution and to the volunteers (Mayor, council members & city staff) for installation of the 3 city park planters. A nice addition to Vine Street!

Urban Chickens
Contact City Hall at 515 989-0267 to receive permit application
(click here to view Ordinance No. 99/Urban Chickens)
(click here to view Administration Policy/Urban Chickens)

Sewer Service Charges
Passed by city council 7-21-15
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Avenue of flags at the Hartford cemetery
Verle and Marge Spence from the Richland Township Board of Trustees accepted a grant from the Warren County Philanthropic Partnership in the amount of $1815.73. Grant funds were used to achieve an avenue of flags at the Hartford cemetery. (click here for event details)

Dog/Cat/Urban Chicken Licenses & Permits
Dogs and cats age 6 mos. and older are required by ordinance to be licensed by May 1st of each year. Urban Chicken annual permit fee ($25.00) is also due by May 1st. Dog/Cat license fees are $15.00 per pet on or before the due date and $20.00 thereafter. Please provide a rabies vaccination certificate when applying for your license(s).

City Government

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The City of Hartford Iowa is a small town. Hartford is a community close to Des Moines Iowa. There are parks and churches in Hartford. The small community of Hartford has parks and schools. It is located just a few miles southwest of Des Moines. Hartford is an Iowa small town near Des Moines.